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Photoflow is a professional photographer based in Canmore serving Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and beyond as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer and family photographer. Since 2003, Photoflow has provided respected and leading photography services and has earned a reputation of quality and excellence among clients and peers. Photoflow continues to help people capture the most important memories in beautiful photographs and continues to satisfy customers and receive amazing reviews. If you are looking for a licensed professional to capture your proposal, engagement, wedding, or trash the dress please contact us today.

About Michael Buckley

Clients always ask me how I got into photography. Looking back on my childhood, I figure that I can blame the photography bug on two people:

My Father (real) and Tintin (not real)

My father was a wonderful photographer who skillfully captured his children growing, local flora and fauna, world travels, and even daily work life. He favoured black and white film and had a small darkroom under the stairs that lead to the basement. He would let me watch him processing the film, enlarging, and printing. As a kid it was pretty cool to see the process but it wasn't until much later in life that I really treasured these memories.

As for Tintin, I'm not ashamed to say that I have read, and re-read all the Tintin comics cover to cover a million times. I never tire of reading about the predicaments that the photojournalist got himself into and out of.

I try to approach everyday with the curiosity of Tintin and the integrity of my father.


Michael Buckley