Canmore Wedding Photography

As a local Canmore resident and Canmore wedding photographer, this town holds an incredible place in my heart. Canmore is an amazing place for a wedding as there are a large variety of venues and incredible mountain views. Whether you're planning an elegant wedding at a golf course or a rustic wedding there is something for you in Canmore.

As a Canmore wedding photographer it's my goal to help you find the perfect locations for your wedding photos and capture the intimate moments and special memories as they unfold throughout your wedding day. I have photographed hundreds of weddings and know all of the wedding venues in Canmore well. This allows me to ensure you get the best photographs as I know how to capture each unique venue very well. 

I also know all about the iconic mountains that surround Canmore and where to find the best locations for your photos. I can help you find the right spot to create the perfect mountain or forest backdrop taking into account the weather, time of day, sunlight and all of these important factors.